Our Awards

Through our years of serving Alaska we at Interior Alaska Roofing have amassed many awards that we are proud of.

However, regardless of our stellar past, we won’t stop there.  We will continue to work hard on our current jobs, from submittals, insurance and safety as well as quality, to be the best team to create the results that owners, general contractors and we are looking for.


We have a commitment to quality techniques that have served our customers for many years, as exemplified by our eight consecutive Perfect 10 Council Awards, given exclusively to the top 25 contractors in the nation. We are dedicated to upholding our award-winning standards on safety, service and excellence on every job.

Marsh USA Excellence in Safety Award Winner

Interior Alaska Roofing, Inc. considers the wellbeing and safety of its employees and those they work with to be one of our top priorities.  Through our extensive Safety Program we have worked hundreds of hours and been able to maintain a low experience modification, and have experienced minimal lost time injuries.  Interior Alaska Roofing, Inc. always extends an open invitation to OSHA to visit any one of our job sites, and in fact welcomes any advice or constructive pointers on safety issues that may have been overlooked.  Between April 2000 and April 2007 OSHA has visited Interior Alaska Roofing, Inc. 54 times and has issued only a single minor violation involving an incorrect securement pin on one of the many fire extinguishers we keep on hand at every job site and in each truck.

Our Safety Program stresses to each employee the importance of safety awareness and through this Safety Program each and every employee knows the importance of a safe work environment.  Our Safety Program points out that in order to maintain a safe work environment each individual working in that environment must work together in a team effort to keep it safe.

Other awards and recognition